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Wellness Center


Welcome to Baldy View ROP’s Wellness Center!


There is nothing more basic to a child’s ability to succeed in school and in life than good health. Yet many children and youth in California do not get the health care they need, even when they do have health insurance. This inability to access care results in many children and youth coming to school every day suffering from conditions that seriously impact their ability to learn and succeed. The BVROP Wellness Center aims to improve the lives of our children because we place a breadth of essential services in exactly the right environment – our school. 


The BVROP Wellness Center can influence academic achievement by improving mental health, diet, injuries, physical illness, self-esteem/resiliency, and health care utilization. Based on research showing a positive impact of school health centers on graduation rates, absences, grade promotion, withdrawal/dropout rates, disciplinary problems, failing grades and tardiness, we believe that The BVROP Wellness Center will have lasting positive effects on our students.



  • Vision screening

  • Referrals of outside services such as x-rays, dental work, and other services not available at the Wellness Center 

  • More to Come . . .



  • Mental health awareness and outreach, including suicide prevention

  • Individual, group, and family therapy resources

  • Crisis intervention

  • Consultation with students, family members and teachers regarding student difficulties

  • More to come . . . 



  • Oral health screenings

  • Fluoride varnish

  • Sealants

  • Dental cleanings

  • Oral health education

  • Referrals to local dental treatment and specialty services off-site

  • Basic restorative services 

  • More to Come . . .



  • Health promotion and risk reduction programs, including educational efforts that encourage healthy lifestyles

  • Nutrition education and physical activity promotion

  • Youth development activities such as peer health education and BVROP Student Wellness Advisory Committee

  • Parent education programs

  • More to Come . . .


Still developing and coordinating more services. . .