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Contracts and Memoranda of Understanding

BVROP will have a written, formalized relationship between the BVROP and health providers, otherwise known as Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), or Letters of Agreement (LOAs). These legal documents lay out relationships and responsibilities associated with the Wellness Center. These agreements may describe the relationship between BVROP and the provider(s), or between BVROP and the lead agency for the Wellness Center, which will then have its own written agreement with other service providers. The contract or agreement will be active (not expired); the term/length of the agreement may be decided by both parties involved; the agreement may define a process for reviewing what is working/not working during the “life” of the agreement. 


The essential elements of an agreement include: 

  • Formal naming of parties to the agreement

  • Duration • Purpose 

  • Scope 

  • Each party’s responsibilities 

  • Fiscal accountability including compensation and billing 

  • Confidentiality issues

  • Reporting accountabilities 

  • Liability statements 

  • Failure to perform procedures 

  • How to amend, extend, renew or terminate the agreement Agreements with different agencies may include many more elements, including agreement on specific aspects of Wellness Center operation.