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Completion Ceremonies 2023:

Medical Assistant Program-May 20, 2023

Pharmacy Technician Program-May 22, 2023

Firefighting Technology Program-May 23, 2023

Law Enforcement Occupations Program-May 24, 2023

Registered Dental Assistant Program-May 30, 2023



Student Success Awards 

April 10, 2023

Upland High School-Highlander Auditorium



June 25,2021 A Statement from Superintendent Dr. Shelley Adams

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Community Members, and Stakeholders of Baldy View ROP,

The events of today’s news regarding the guilty conviction of former police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd continues the intense and emotional journey that we have collectively experienced.  Members of our community have wrestled with complex and painful emotions during the trial and will continue to do so. Though today’s guilty conviction on all counts may provide a semblance of justice for some, the circumstances of the events of the past year, this trial, the subsequent sentencing, and potential future legal proceedings  will undoubtedly reverberate around the country and the world, for years to come.

We must remain mindful and respect that each person will process today and recent current events through different and unique life experiences.  Furthermore, we hope that while everyone wants restoration, healing, and the prevention of further harm to anyone, in any way, the resolve remains strong for having much needed and uncomfortable discussions that address racism.

Baldy View ROP’s commitment to anti-racism includes offering information and resources parents and staff may use to engage in meaningful conversation around this complex and emotional issue.  We remain committed to supporting our students and providing resources to our staff to create and facilitate the space needed to process today’s verdict, the events of the past year, and those yet to come.


Please be well, take care, and be kind to one another,



Shelley Adams, Ed.D.


Parent/Guardian Resources 

Talking Race with Young Children (Source: NPR)

Glazer Children's Museum’s Social Justice Resources

Talking to Kids About Racism and Violence (Source: the Child and Mind Institute)


Staff Resources

Responding to Difficult Moments (Source: CRLT) — Resources providing strategies for anticipating and responding to difficult discussions and reactions 

Lesson plan for grades 6-12 (Source: PBS NewsHour Extra) — The plan includes a news video about the death of George Floyd (that omits the footage of Floyd's death) and discussion questions about the protests, police brutality, and media literacy

Glazer Children's Museum’s Social Justice Resources for educators, families, and kids

Race, Racism, and Police Violence (Source: Teaching Tolerance), a project by the Southern Poverty Law Center, periodically updates its package on teaching about race, racism, and police violence

1619 Project Curriculum (Source: NY Times) — The Pulitzer Center partnered with the NY Times to turn the 1619 project, a collection of essays and literary works observing the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery, into a curriculum for teachers of all grade levels. See at the very bottom of the main page. The curriculum includes reading guides, activities, and other resources about the history of race in America. 

Facilitating Necessary Conversations (Source: BELE Network) — A Toolkit for Change Makers During Extraordinary Times. Young people can be inspired to find their power and leadership in this resource

Affirming Cultural Identity (Source: BELE Network) — This resource is to help in reinvesting in strong connections between students of color and schools, so that they feel that their identities are affirmed and valued 

Building Equitable Learning Environments Library (Source: BELE Network)

Facing History Educator Resources

Race and Equity Resources (Source: SEL Center and WestEd)

Opening a Dialogue with Youth About Racism (Source: USC Rossier)



A Message from Superintendent Dr. Shelley Adams

There is simply no rationale or justification for targeting fellow human beings. 

Racism is a reality for communities of color. And while every situation may not only be about race, when you are a person of color, race is always a factor. 

Realizing that incidents of harassment, intimidation, assault, and murder have increased during the pandemic because Asian communities are scapegoats for the pandemic is alarming. Hate and prejudice cannot be tolerated.

Baldy View ROP will continue to be a place where everyone is valued. We will continue to acknowledge and work through our biases, recognizing that diversity is our strength, and that our work must be achieved through a lens of equity and access.  Baldy View ROP is an institution who has no tolerance for hate. We stand with our students, staff, stakeholders, and communities of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. We see you. We hear you.


Anti-Asian Attacks Rise During Pandemic. Read NPR's Stories On The Surge In Violence

Stop AAPI Hate


Dr. Shelley Adams, Superintendent, Baldy View ROP 


A statement from Superintendent Dr. Shelley Adams

January 6 is historically a day of celebration when a joint session of Congress counts and confirms the electoral college vote for president, formalizing the next president’s path to inauguration on January 20. It is a ceremonial part of the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to another.


We are a nation whose strength and prosperity lies in its ability to support diversity of thoughts and perspectives. Overwhelmingly, we are able to do so through acceptable displays of civil discourse.


We’re all still processing the images of individuals choosing to demonstrate beyond civil protest their dissatisfaction with this transition in ways that seem to threaten the safety and the security of our nation. The preponderance of civil unrest our nation is experiencing continues to be unsettling and disturbing and its impact will be felt for years to come. 


Remaining hopeful that the vast majority of Americans subscribe to the sentiments President-elect Biden described yesterday: “The renewal of a politics that’s about solving problems, looking out for one another, not stoking the flames of hate and chaos” is challenging, but so very necessary.


I hope you will join me in choosing to remain hopeful, embrace the light, and know that as a united nation committed to the common good, we will make it through. It will not be easy, but the effort is well worth the struggle. 


Take care and be well. 


Dr. Shelley Adams, Superintendent, Baldy View ROP 


Remain Hopeful      Remain Hopeful



A Message from Superintendent Dr. Shelley Adams

"Baldy View ROP is committed to the eradication of systemic racism and recognizes its responsibility to actualize policies, practices and protocols that leave absolutely no question that #BlackLivesMatter. As educators of career technical education we are committed to having the hard conversations regarding bias and inequity and taking actions that prioritize the welfare, dignity, and value of all students."


Baldy View ROP Superintendent Dr. Shelley Adams


OmniTrans Route 86 Remamed 

OmniTrans Route 86 ( which stops at the Career Training Center) will be renamed to Route 87 beginning September 8th.


8/7/20: BVROP Instructional Model 

Per mandates provided by CA Governor Gavin Newsom, Baldy View ROP classes will begin the 2020/2021 school year on Distance Learning. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at 909-947-3400.

Please click the link below for the Baldy View ROP 2020/2021 Instructional Model.

2020/2021 Instructional Model


Administrative Office Location Change

The Administrative Office previously located at 2890 Inland Empire Blvd #100, Ontario, CA 91764 has moved to the Career Training Center located at 1501 S Bon View Ave, Ontario, CA 91761.




 A Message from Superintendent Dr. Shelley Adams



Support Circle: Institutional Racism and Implicit Bias



San Bernardino Superintendent of Schools Information:



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