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Superintendent's Message



Whether you are joining us as a new member of the Baldy View ROP Team, a veteran to the vision of empowering students, or rejoining after time spent away, I would like to “Welcome” you to the most exciting aspect of K-12 education. Career technical education is enjoying a revitalization under the auspices of Career and College Readiness.  Those of us in the CTE trenches have also known the value of relevant and applied learning, but the re-awakening for the rest of our education brethren is why I believe CTE is the most exciting feature of our public education system.

We connect the dots for students as to why learning can make the difference between a job and a career…living under parents’ rules versus living on your own terms….living the American dream of prosperity versus watching on the sidelines as that dream is realized for those that prepare.  The importance of learning is not just what you learn, but how you learn, and how well you can apply that learned knowledge.

We are at a crossroads between what we have always done for some students and what we must become to be fully integrated into the K-12 experience for all students. As the spotlight beams upon us the questions we must ask are, “Are we ready to shine?  Are we meeting the challenge of empowering students to be lifelong learners and prepared for viable 21stcentury career opportunities?  Are we relevant and if so, how do we know?  What proof can we offer?”.

I challenge you to embark on this school year knowing that we are at a pivotal turning point for educating our future workforce. Strive to build capacity and efficacy.  Meet each day by answering the question,“What proof can I offer to the value that we bring?”.

To know that the importance of the work we do is the topic of national conversations is humbling, but not at all shocking. The privilege of being in service to students is a calling.  I look forward to answering that call with you each and every day!

Shelley Adams Ed.D, Superintendent